Reliable and safe transfer to Rethymno from ports & airports of the Island of Crete!


Stavros PantagiasI have been in the transportation business since 1998. Experienced, professionally licensed by the Ministry of Transportation of Greece, always ensuring a safe and good journey either to or from airports(Heraklion and Hania), or transportation from your hotel or pick up point to the destination of your choice. Through years of experience in the service and transportation industry I have realized that apart from good manners, being prompt, helpful and reliable what is also appreciated by visitors and travelers is a comfortable with extra leg room vehicle.

So if you wish to be transferred or met at airport or port, or take a tour of the splendid island of Crete or even visit a remote village or arrive at a peaceful sandy beach I will drive you there safely and well.

As I know Crete like the back of my hand, as well as every hidden niche or even hotel. A reliable, professional, prompt and comfortable journey for your transportations while visiting and exploring Crete.

Stavros Pantagias


For a reliable and safe transfer to Rethymno from the airport of Heraklion Rethymnotransfer.com is a wise choice.

Airports of Crete

Service Rethymnotransfer.com

The Large boot of the car much larger than most taxis as well as more leg room, necessary when traveling comfortably to your hotel or residence after flying. From Heraklion airport the ride to Rethymnon lasts approximately one hour. Rethymnotransfer.com knows exactly where your hotel or apartment might be. The fee for your transfer from the airport to Rethymno costs 90 euro.

Service Rethymnotransfer.com

Hania airport on the West of the island of Crete is the second in size airport of the island. For a reliable and comfortable transfer from the airport to exactly where you want to go in aprox.one hour. A comfortable relaxing drive after your flight, plenty of leg room and a large boot for your luggage. The fee is 90 euro.

Main Ports of the Island

Crete is also one of the favorable ports of cruise ships visiting the Mediterranean Sea. The island has 3 ports on the North coast that are ports of call. 2016 will be a year with many visitors choosing this way to visit Greece and other ports of the Med.

Time is essential and must make the best of it!

A custom made tour can be arranged and enjoyed, feel free to ask for options or advise.

Crete Island


Rethymno is one of the few old medieval towns in such good and complete condition. Visible is the Venetian and the Ottoman heritage seen in the lay out of the town as well as its buildings. Most old towns and cities depending on the season and light change ambiance. The square of the Asia Minors …

Mountains of Crete

Crete is an island with high mountains coated with snow during the winter season,a very different aspect of the sun kissed mountains you see in summer. These high mountain ridges cross through the island from East to West dividing the North coast from the South. In these mountains Zeus was born, these mountains make up …


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