Samaria Gorge

Samaria GorgeOne of the high lights of Crete as far as it concerns nature and landscape is the Gorge of Samaria. The Samaria Gorge of Crete is one of the largest we have in Europe.

The gorge of Samaria, one of the largest natural gorges in Europe begining at an altitude 1.200 m. and ending all the way down to the sea level on the South coast.

Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge is in the White mountain chain in the area of Hania, every summer many visitors walk this gorge. It is also the home to the wild ibex of Crete, the wild mountain goat of the island.

If you want a well organized drive, a comfortable drive a chance to experience a more authentic day and trip with a local all you have to do is contact me. You are picked up from hotel or area of residency in Rethymno by me and my taxi.

The drive and transfer from Rethymno along side part of the white mountain chain is on the main high way before we turn South cutting through this stunning mountain ridge. The scenery and country site is spectacular as we ascend from the coastal area up into the mountains. A beautiful and comfortable drive with plenty opportunities to stop for views and taking photographs! Driving in Crete up into the mountains can be sometimes for a visitor adventurous, but with a professional authorized and experienced driver it’s far more enjoyable and safe! The orchids give place to oak trees, shrub as we drive through the areas of today grazing grounds of shepherds flocks, what once used to be areas of partisans and revolutions of Crete. We arrive at Omalos At an altitude of over 1000m. Here you are dropped off by the entrance of Samaria Gorge take all your hiking gear from the boot of the car and set off! The first mountain you see that stands proudly before your eyes is Gigilos you begin to descent… Cyprus trees, sage, shrub and in spring wild flowers and orchids are a joy to see. You arrive at the river bed of the Gorge of Samaria the river Tarra the ancient name of the Gorge after seeing the village of St. Mary/Maria in Greek hanse the name of the Gorge, (Samaria ) you arrive at the iron gates, the narrowest part of the Gorge of Samaria and proceed to reach sea level and see later on the Libyan coast and exit of the Samaria gorge the village Tara and finally Ag.Roumeli. Here a well deserved swim, rest, brake, lunch beer even is in order. From Ag.Roumeli you catch the ferry to Sfakia.

You enjoy the boat ride of the South coast of Crete. And arrive at Chora Sfakion around the evening. From Chora Sfakion – Sfakia our drive and transfer to Rethymno isaprox. an hour and a half. On our way back we see other scenery and the smaller Gorge of Imbros we also here have the opportunity to stop for photographs and gaze at the beautiful views. We arrive in Rethymno having had a lovely day and the chance to see a very different aspect of Crete, in comfort safety. The walk of Samaria Gorge depending on stops and brakes can take from 4 to 6 hours.